February 25th – March 3rd positive things

I did some contour drawings and another painting for my most recent art project – I’ve finished it now!

I listened to my music.

I hung up the washing.

I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

I caught up on my blog – long overdue!

I did some sketching for another project idea and came up with some ‘outside the box’ ideas for it, which are really different to my usual style and painting media.

My Mum and I watched Call the Midwife.

I phoned Argos and arranged an uplift for my Mum’s items to be returned. The guy on the other end kept heavy-breathing down the phone when not talking, which I found quite funny!

My Mum and I watched Something’s Gotta Give. I’d asked her to tape this for me years ago when it was on TV but she cut off the last half hour – now, thanks to finding it at a car boot sale, I’ve finally got to see the end!

I made it to my physio appointment and also got a few small things my Mum and I needed in town. My uncle gave me a lift downtown, to physio and then back home, which was much appreciated.

A book I’d ordered from an Amazon seller in America arrived – it’s called Quilts Are Forever: A Patchwork Collection of Inspirational Stories.

I compiled a list of 9 projects (from a much larger list) that I definitely want to complete for inclusion in my photo book.

After a lot of sketching, I created a memory piece about my Gran and Grandpa. I’m very pleased with how it turned out – especially as it’s my first memory piece, which is something I’ve wanted to try for ages! – and I entered it in the craft forum challenge, ‘try something new’. I commented on everyone else’s entries and got a couple of very nice comments on mine.

I unloaded the dishwasher and made tea for my Mum.

My Mum and I watched the newest episode of The Mentalist.

I made supper for my Mum and I.

My Mum and I watched all of White Oleander – normally we don’t watch a whole film in one night but she was really enjoying it! I hadn’t watched it for ages and enjoyed it, too.

My uncle drove me to Morrisons to get some shopping we needed.

I did some painting.

I made supper for my Mum and I and we watched Call the Midwife.

I won a jewellery design competition I’d entered on facebook and can choose £50 worth of jewellery from the site!

I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower which I really enjoyed. There was a very funny bit where Sam and Patrick were at their Homecoming Dance and Come On Eileen was played. They both said “they’re playing good music!” Then “living room routine!” They rushed through the crowd to a clear space then started their routine which was really funny.


February 18th – 24th positive things

I had a chat with my Mum and Maureen.

I did a lot of work on my photo book.

I watched the first episode of the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee.

I created a painting for my current art project.

My Mum and I watched Mansfield Park.

I read the next Blossom Street book and enjoyed it.

I dusted and hoovered.

I read some of Adrenal Fatigue book.

David visited and we went to a car boot sale – I got DVDs for my Mum and I to watch, and some things for upcoming birthdays; also a few little bits for art projects. We then went to the Harbour Arts Centre, saw some artwork, and had a nice lunch in the cafe. We also spent a while looking at some funny photos online and had a laugh, then we enjoyed watching Shaun of the Dead.

My Mum and I watched The Devil Wears Prada.

My brother and nephews visited. Mark has such a infectious laugh and made us all laugh when he did; I came up with the idea of doing a piece called When Mark Laughs, about how it makes me feel.

I did a fair amount of doodling.

I watched some Youtube videos on creative healing including a great one about mandalas.

I completed a ‘mood board’ style drawing for my current art project.

My Mum and I watched the final episode of Take Me Out.

February 11th – 17th positive things

Mum and I watched Sense and Sensibility and really enjoyed it.

I filed a load of stuff and sorted out the bottom drawers of the filing cabinet.

I did a lot of work on my current art project.

I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead online.

Mum and I re-watched Housewife, 49.

An old Victoria Plum annual I’d ordered arrived. It’s identical to one I have from when I was little, and I want to frame some of the images to hang in my bedroom. I also bought an old Mandy annual that is the from 1989, the very first year I got the Mandy; I want to do decorate with some of the images from this, too.

I’d ordered a book called The Artistic Mother and it arrived today. It is about finding time for art when you’re really busy, and I thought it might help me as I have little time in which I’m physically able to do art. The book also looks very visually inspiring and it was very inexpensive from an Amazon seller!

I made David’s Valentine card, which is the first piece of a planned series based on a song we both like and our visit to Portencross. I’m very pleased with the result and also that I’ve started the series.

I read more of I Just Like To Make Things.

I did some sketching for my current project.

When I wasn’t feeling well, I thought about challenges in Work of Art and came up with ideas of what I’d do for them. I came up with what I think are some great ideas!

David visited and we had a laugh being silly. We had a nice lunch at the Barony Centre and tea at the Green Shutters. We also watched the rest of Hot Fuzz. And I finally managed to get a copy of Art Mag at the Barony Centre, something I haven’t been able to find for ages!

My Mum and I watched Call the Midwife. It was an episode about a pregnant girl with Down’s Syndrome and a disabled boy who was the father. I found it very thought-provoking. There was a good voice-over from the older Jenny at the end: “perfection is not a polished thing; is it often simply something that is sincerely meant. Perfection is a job complete, praise given, prayer heard. It can be kindness shown, thanks offered up. Perfection is what we discover in each other, what we see reflected back. And if perfection eludes us that doesn’t matter, for what we have within a moment is enough.”

I made a small donation to a charity in honour of a friend’s mother who just passed away.

My Mum and I watched Take Me Out.

I did some work on my photo book.

February 4th – 10th positive things

I watched more of Dance Moms.

David and I watched half of Hot Fuzz and had a good laugh.

A copy of Somerset Studio I’d bought online arrived – it was beautifully presented: tied with string and with a piece of stamped fabric, stamped card, and a button.

My Mum and I watched the semi-final and final of The Great Interior Design Challenge, and the final of The Jump.

I won another auction for a Somerset Studios magazine.

My Mum and I watched Take Me Out.

I went to my physio appointment.

I did a lot of sorting in my bedroom, as I want to make a workspace for creating art.

I started reading Life Before Death by Colin Fry – I’ve had this for a few years but have never read it!

Coming Up Roses by Cath Kidson arrived. It’s a beautiful book, the kind that should be displayed, and I’m really enjoying reading it.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Ebay, coming up with ideas for my bedroom to make it both inspirational and practical.

I re-watched Confessions of a Shopaholic with my Mum and we both really enjoyed it.

David visited and we drove to Portencross Castle and went for a walk. Afterwards, we sat in the car with nice music playing, watching the waves crashing on the rock; it was amazing. We also watched more of Hot Fuzz, which was very funny (I really liked the bit where one of the characters said he wasn’t “Judge Judy and executioner”) and had tea in Morrisons.

I made my Mum’s hot water bottle when I was feeling really depressed – it felt important to mention that in my blog as I really had to push through it to do something.

I watched Call the Midwife with my Mum. It was a depressing episode but there was a bit in it that I wanted to remember. An elderly woman, who had lost most of her family in the war, told Jenny (whose boyfriend had just died) that when bereaved we keep on living until we come alive again.

My Mum and I watched Call the Midwife.

I tried porridge which I’ve been meaning to do for ages – I hated it but at least I tried!

I finished reading The Girl With All the Gifts


January 28th – February 3rd positive things

I got a tin of watersoluble graphitone pencils and set of 2 tippex pens for art.

I won auctions for two Somerset Studio magazines on Ebay and they look really good.

I painted a bit and used watercolours as they are traditionally used (transparent with plenty of water) instead of the opaque way I usually use them.

My Mum and I watched more of The Great Interior Design Challenge series and really enjoyed it. I also decided I wanted to try creating pieces that look like mood boards (I haven’t made one of these since I did graphic design at college) as I really like the effect.

I watched more new episodes of Dance Moms.

I painted my Dad’s birthday card plus some other paintings – again making the paints very transparent, and I love how the work looked; it is very fresh and clean. I also wrote an inscription inside the copy of Soul Feathers I’m sending my Dad, signed the photo prints for him, and got his birthday package ready to post.

David and I installed the photo book software onto my laptop and I spent a lot of time messing about with it. It’s a lot of fun!

David and I watched The Hangover and had a good laugh.

I came up with a good idea for an artwork to accompany one of my poems.

David and I went for a walk.

I started reading The Girl With All the Gifts plus re-reading Laura’s Handmade Life.

I watched all episodes of The Jump.

David and I played the first chapter of the second Walking Dead PC game.

I had a nice chat with my Mum and our cousin.

January 21st – 27th positive things

I’ve done a lot of work on my photo book. I have a list of things I’d like to work on for it, which I’ve already made a start on.

I had a nice chat with my Mum and cousin.

I started reading the book David gave me for Christmas – it’s called I Just Like To Make Things and I’m finding it quite inspiring.

I ordered a gift for my Dad’s birthday.

I posted two packages including a surprise one to David.

I altered a series of my photos and they look great!

My Mum and I watched 13 Going On 30 and enjoyed it.

I started reading a book called Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong.

I got some essentials downtown.

I caught up on much-needed sleep!

I came up with some great creative ideas to help me focus more on the process and concept, as opposed to worrying about the end result which puts me off even starting.

I hoovered and tidied downstairs for my brother and nephews visiting. The visit went well. Just before they left, I started pretending to chase the kids and scaring them and they seemed to love it! It’s the first time I’ve had the confidence to try that so I’m very pleased.

I did some sketching and painting, and started on a new project.

I watched the last Harry Potter film with my Mum.

Mum and I watched Take Me Out.

I watched all the current episodes of The Great Interior Design Challenge online and enjoyed them as it’s about creative people. One designer said he wanted to use things in a way that can tell a story, not have them there just because they look nice. It reaffirmed to me that I want to create art that tells a story; art that people want to show off like they would a newly decorated room.

Mum and I watched Call the Midwife.

I unloaded the dishwasher.

I did physio exercises.


January 14th – 20th positive things

My Mum and I watched the 6th and 7th Harry Potter films. I so enjoy watching them even though I’ve seen them all several times before!

I did a very intricate drawing using a 03 pen and I like the finished piece.

I went to physiotherapy and have done some exercises given to me by the physiotherapist.

I finished reading my Insider Art book which I enjoyed. I’m now reading Robert Motherwell: Early Collages and finding it very interesting, plus there are a few artists and other people mentioned in the book that I want to found out more about.

I won 2nd place in the Christmas decorations challenge on the Home Craft forum.

I got some things I needed downtown and posted two items, including a hand painted card and some postcards to my Dad.

A book I’d ordered about a Mouth and Foot painting artist, Tom Yendell, arrived.

My Mum and I enjoyed Take Me Out.

David and I had a lovely lunch at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride on Saturday. Later, we watched the rest of Ocean’s Twelve and I made us tea.

I re-watched The Magdalene Sisters which I haven’t seen for years. It’s a very powerful film based on a true story.

I’ve done a lot of work towards creating my photo book and now have a solid list to work with. I still have just over 4 months to complete it and am making it a real priority.

My Mum and I enjoyed the first episode of the new season of Call the Midwife. It’s always a fantastic series!


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